January is National Train Your Dog Month

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Raising awareness for proper training and socialization is critical to your dog - not only as they adjust to their new home, but also older dogs who may have developed bad habits along the way.  Puppies and dogs thrive on mental and physical stimulation. Proper training helps prevent future behavioral problems and correct current issues.

Positive reinforcement is the most effective, long lasting, and safe method for dog training.  Krazy K9 Meaty Training Treats are an integral part of the training process to offer both incentive and reward. 

January Training Tip:

 Jillian PellegrinoFetch + Sketch

                Jillian Pellegrino-Owner               

Does your dog run around the house wildly? Are you constantly trying to keep them out of the trash or off the counters?  Do you wish they would stay in their spot calmly while you work or make dinner?

The ‘place’ command teaches your dog to go to their dog bed, a rug, or any designated spot with a visual boundary where they can safely calm down and chill out!

Jillian Pellegrino, owner of Fetch and Sketch Dog training in Peachtree Corners, has been training service dogs for the blind and family pets for nearly 10 years.  Fetch and Sketch can help you build a great foundation for your dog so they can put their best paw forward!

Fetch and Sketch Dog Training uses a personalized approach.  Each dog is evaluated, and a personalized game plan is developed that will be the most beneficial for both the owner and dog to work as a team. 

Krazy K9 Meaty Training Treats are now available at Fetch and Sketch to assist with the training process. Pick up a bag in either chicken or beef liver flavor or order directly from the website at www.krazyk9cookies.com

Contact Jillian and schedule your evaluation today!

Jillian Pellegrino

Fetch and Sketch Dog Training




 Happy Training!

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