Meaty Snacks & Training Treats

Freeze-dried Salmon bites 

We are pleased to announce a new line of Krazy K9 Meaty Snacks and Treats. These special fresh-to-order bites and jerky strips are perfect for training, rewarding, and travel when you need more than a biscuit or cookie to get your dog's attention.  

They come in a variety of flavors to satisfy the pickiest doggie palette.   Our dehydrated snacks come in a variety of flavors that kitty cats will love too!  We've just created our freeze-dried Salmon bites and Chicken Bites in addition to dehydrated Chicken and Beef Jerky to appeal to all your furry friends.  Also, look for seasonal offerings of dehydrated Venison and Duck. As always, our meaty snacks are grain-free, with no chemicals, antibiotics, or hormones. 

These savory treats contain pure, healthy ingredients that dogs and cats need and their chewy texture makes them easy on teeth!  They come in resealable bags to retain the flavor and provide a longer shelf-life.