Nutrition and Storage Tips

Our treats are always made from fresh, natural, wholesome ingredients.  We never add sugar, salt, or additives that are used to preserve freshness.  We make each batch of cookies and treats to order so they arrive to you as fresh and tasty as possible.  Since they are preservative free they are safe for your dogs to enjoy with all their health benefits in mind.  But remember they don't contain artificial ingredients or chemicals, and won't last as long as the commercial treats you buy from big box stores.  You can safely give your furry friends our treats as often as you like and re-order when you need a fresh batch.

We recommend storing our treats in the original packaging or air tight containers at room temperature to preserve their natural freshness.  Recommended shelf-life is 4-5 months

All of our treats are wheat, corn, soy and gluten free.  We use only the highest grade, human-grade ingredients.