How to say I love you in dog!

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Can your dog eat this?

Because you love them; because you're training them; because they won’t leave your side; giving your dog treats, is rewarding for you both. But never give them chocolate as it can produce an upset stomach and can be quite toxic for your dog when consumed. 

Carob=Doggy Chocolate


Carob is a safe alternative for chocolate that satisfies our beloved canine's sweet tooth.  Carob may help eliminate toxins, treat coughs, anemia, and osteoporosis.  This super food could help improve digestion, lower cholesterol, and be used to treat diarrhea. 

Contains: Calcium, Fibre, Pectin, Vitamin E

So what makes Carob safe?

Carob is an Eastern Mediterranean evergreen tree of the pea family, originating as seeds from within the carob pods.  It is hypoallergenic and can be powdered like cocoa, made into chips, or melted for dipping.  Dogs can't resist Krazy K9 Carob Peanut Butter Biscuits or our Blondies - both infused with a hint of carob. 


As a precaution check with your veterinarian before introducing new snacks and foods to your pet. If your dog has a diabetic condition, carob may not be a good choice because of tannins which can lower blood sugar and insulin levels. As with all snacks and treats, they should be given in moderation to help maintain a healthy weight.


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